Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Install a New Computer Keyboard

Replacing a computer keyboard is normally a fairly easy task. Because many keyboards have software installed in Windows, the old keyboard should be uninstalled before removing it and attaching a new keyboard. Once this is done, the new keyboard will be in place and available for use.



    • 1
      Click on "Start" in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop screen, then click on "Control Panel" in the menu.
    • 2
      Select the "Performance and Maintenance" link and then the "System" link.
    • 3
      Choose the "Hardware" tab found at the top of the System Properties form and click on the "Device Manager" button.
    • 4
      Expand the Keyboards list by selecting the "+" and then perform a right mouse click on the keyboard name that is shown.
    • 5
      Perform a left mouse click on "Uninstall." Select "OK" in the dialog box that will appear.
    • 6
      Pick "No" on the next dialog box that will have the message that the system must be restarted in order to complete the uninstalling of the keyboard.
    • 7
      Shut down the system by clicking on "Start," then "Shut Down." Unplug the old keyboard. Plug in the new keyboard and restart the system.

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