Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who and What Joomla Works Best For

As previously stated, Joomla is probably not the best idea for very small businesses with only one to several products, and does not need the multi-leveled, multi-layered functionality and customized solutions of Joomla. Joomla is best used by larger organizations or businesses, or by websites that are based upon a community environment. Examples are sites comprised of community networks and membership areas, or interactive content, feedback and contribution sites with a separate newsroom or water cooler area. Essentially, if you think your website is bound to be popular and pull in some very heavy traffic, and needs room for growth, then Joomla is probably a good idea. If you have a small business, one to a few products, or a simple business service – then a simpler, more user-friendly CMS like WordPress is probably a better idea.
WordPress Overview
As stated several times, WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, which later evolved or took on features that enables it to work as a full CMS. It’s pretty well widely agreed that because of how it developed, WordPress does not have the application depth or as many possibilities to create customized features as Joomla. What most WordPress CMS users agree upon as its greatest advantage is the user-friendly advantage. Joomla is easy for developers and those with design or developing experience, but not for just anyone. WordPress, conversely, can be installed and run by anyone, whether they know a thing or two about CMS operations or not. In regards to the user-friendly applications, there are several key factors that contribute to the overall ease of navigation and use of this particular CMS.
Blogging Platform Champion
Hands down, WordPress is the best CMS to use for blogs and websites mostly made of text content. An easy to understand user interface makes it a readily available system for anyone to know how to post pages and content after an hour or two of introduction. Websites can be fully functional on WordPress, with impressive blogs and intuitively structured pages that make it easy for webmasters and site traffic alike.

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