Friday, November 18, 2011

My Strategies for Free one Way Link Building that you Won't disagree

Backlink is no doubt very much for search engine optimization. There are two ways you can get them, they may be free and paid link building.
I am going to share some effective Link building strategies that I use for my blogs. I have never used any paid links for my blogs and if you are here reading my blog post, may be I am successful in  link building for some extend. Here are some of the tricks that I use for building links to my blogs.
Commenting in blogs is one of my favorite way to get backlink for my blog. This helps me to build backlink and get in a network as well. So I comment in most of the blogs and I also note that the blogs are Dofollow.
You can check my previous post on how to search Dofollow blogs in Google.
This is other strategy that I use to build strong link to my blog whenever my blog is at initial phase. For this, I would write posts in different free Article Submission sites. Every article is linked to my main blog and also all the articles are connected in link wheel. All the articles are related to my blog so that it does not look spam.
Alternatively I create many niche blogs from free blogging platform. I create blogs at free platforms like yola,blogger, WordPress and make link wheel between them and every blog linking to main blog.
I bookmark my blog to dofollow social bookmarking sites. Also I submit the niche blogs and Articles that I have created to make the backlinks coming to my blogs strong.
Dofollow Forums
There are many dofollow forums and I register for free to them and provide website in the profile page. This gives me some backlinks to my blog. More Forums I register, more will be the backlink. So I can get lots of backlinks, all I need to do is register and provide URL. There are lots of dofollow forums.

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