Thursday, November 3, 2011

Joomla or WordPress; Templates

Not everyone considers a template to be an extension, but templates are what give a website its theme and overall appearance and style. These are important for defining a website as a professional business site, an e-zine or news publication, or a social networking site. They apply built-in custom looks to components and modules, and general html text. They also determine where modules are placed on a web page – top, left, right and bottom. While templates apply general custom looks to basic features of a web page layout, they do not customize a specific component or module that a developer has programmed into the Joomla CMS. The developer must provide its own stylings or use those already built-in. Plug-ins can also be installed to customize placement of modules on a template.
Components are essentially like entire applications that are added or installed to a Joomla CMS website. Examples of components that are often installed include a photo gallery, a forum, or community system. It is a bit like the different applications on a Windows task bar, and each component can be loaded only one at a time. A Joomla CMS menu is basically just a view of each component and access to switch from one to another.
Modules add information, usability or more functions to an existing extension, application or component. Where components can work as a solo system (such as a website that is just a photo gallery, or just a forum), modules would not make sense as a single system, but rather increase functionality or options. Examples of modules are user menus, log-in modules, tabs and slides, and so forth.
Plug-ins are what really release the potential of a Joomla CMS. The more plug-ins that are added, the deeper and richer the functionality and usability of a website. However, some developers advise against using too many plug-ins, as they can slow down the system. Examples of plug-ins include a shopping cart plug-in for an e-commerce site, or smaller plug-ins like an image or photo modifier, text editors, currency converter, or foreign language plug-ins.

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