Thursday, November 3, 2011

WordPress Pages and Content SEO Friendly, Right Out of the Box

As stated, pages and post options enable non-blogging content to be easily managed through the WordPress interface. Pages like “about us,” or “contact us” and so on, can easily be created and published.
Any changes made to content, template files or other tweaks and changes, are immediately reflected on the website, without having to regenerate static pages. In other words, if a user decides to change something cosmetic on a template, he or she will not have to re-produce the content on that page as well.
SEO Friendly, Right Out of the Box
Especially from a marketing and business perspective, the SEO friendliness of WordPress is a big plus. Its URLs are made by the administrator/content writer, so instead of getting a CMS generated URL like this:!0ff#m?, URLs are generated more like:
One complaint about Joomla is that out of the box, the first example of URL above, is the kind of URLs it generates for web pages, and it requires several different plug-ins in order to correct it. WordPress, on the other hand, has URLs and code standards that Google loves. So, right out of the box even SEO novices will have an upper hand in being found in the search engines.
Huge Community and Strong Support System
Because WordPress is so widely used, it has a community of support that is pretty unparalleled. WordPress forum has a huge database of questions and answers. All it takes is a simple search for a solution or answer to a problem, which most likely, you will find right there. There are also a specialized team of developers who have been working non-stop to increase the security and advancement of WordPress as a CMS, which has led to spam protection, options for password protected posts, updated security features, and more.

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