Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conclusion Complex languages in XP

Choosing either of these options will open a prompt reminding you that this option will take up more disk space.  Support for complex languages will require around 10Mb of hard drive space, but East Asian language support may require 230 Mb or more free disk space.  Click Ok, and click apply to install your language files.
You may have to insert your XP CD into your CD drive to install these files.  Insert the disk, and then click Ok.
Windows will automatically copy the files, including fonts for these languages…
…and then will ask you to reboot your computer to finalize the settings.  Click Yes, and then reopen the “Add other languages” dialog when your computer is rebooted, and add a language as before.
  Now you can add Complex and/or Asian languages to XP, just as above.  Here is the XP taskbar language selector with Thai installed.
Unfortunately we haven’t found a way to add Asian and complex languages in XP without having an XP disc. If you know of a way, let us know in the comments. (No downloading the XP disc from torrent site answers please)
Adding an input language is very important for bilingual individuals, and can also be useful if you simply need to occasionally view Asian or Complex languages in XP.  And by following the correct instructions for your version of Windows, it should be very easy to add, change, and remove input languages.

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