Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Add High Paying Adsense Ads in a Blog

No one who like to earn from Adsense would like less paying ads. These less paying ads are really embarrassing because even you see good ads impressions and clicks, yo do not see earning increasing. So anyone would like to place ads that pays higher per click.
I have an experience of 2$ per click ad and a cent per click ads and I know why this happens. Let me make you clear that how ads appears and how you can improve your earnings per click.
Google Adsense ads appear by themselves, we do not have any privileges to choose what ads to display because google Adsense automatically displays ads that matches your blog and blog posts topics.
Usually in my years of experience in Blogging and Adsense, what I have written about is:

Height gain
Weight loss
web hosting,Domain Names
Blog tutorials
Technology Updates

Among these I had no interests on writing about health(Height and Weight) neither I wanted to write about insurances but I did this because these topics pays high per clicks while I have chosen lyrics and music because these have less competitions and I could gain good traffic but pay per click is too low. I even got paid 1 cent per clicks.

similarly I was highest paid for ads about Forex where my per click was sometimes greater than 2$.

While ads on my blogs about blogging and tehnology paid me avarage per click. This way you can decide what you should write to earn more $$. Once you choose low paying topics You can also use this trick to increase your Earning that I use for my music blogs.

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