Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Tips on Choosing Domain Name for Blogs

How to Choose a Domain Name-Tips for New Blogs

Domain name is one of the main thing you will need to take care of while you choose a blog. No matter you start blogging with blogger or WordPress or any other platform, at some instant you would meet a situation where you will need to choose a domain name for a blog. So I am going to share 5 tips you should consider while choosing a Domain Name.

Must Be Short

While choosing a Domain Name for a blog you must remember that it should not be too lengthy. Too lengthy name may look ugly and it is difficult to remember for your visitors. If you want your blog to get some direct visitors, make the domain short and easy to remember. 

Must Provide short Description of blog

Your Blog's domain name must be something that best describes your blog. For an example is blog that I follow and with its domain name, everyone can guess that blog is about technology. This helps and provides short concept in the reader's mind about the blog, so we get genuine visitors if they are direct.

Must Assist Search Engine Results

I think many of us know that Google crawls the domain name of the site while performing the search. So while choosing a domain name, be sure that you choose most used keyword for your blog. For an instance, your blog is about blogging tips then be sure either you use keyword blogging or tips while you register a domain name for your blog. This will help a lot in providing search engine results.

Should not Contain Dashes

One thing you need to take care is that its is better if your domain name does not contain dashes. Domain name with dashes looks blog as spam and it may influence your visitors in negative way. So it is better if you avoid dashes "-" while choosing a domain.

Must be Top level Domain

I have stated this thing last but this is not the thing you should ignore while you choose a domain name. While choosing a domain names, you should be sure that the name you choose should be top level domain. Specially .com , .org , .net are considered as top level domains. Top level domains have great importance and also these helps to settle an impression of your sites in visitor's mind. For an example people would choose .com domain as legit one rather than .info at first impression when they just see a domain before they visit it.

Other case is also that often people are cheated and spammed by domains like .info or some other domains, so it is better you do not take risks and choose a .com or .net

These are some of the tips that I am concerned about. So you must give sufficient time to choose a domain name. You must follow these guidelines in order to get more from your domain names.

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