Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manufacturer of steel, Aluminum, and stainless steel floor grating

Specifications generally require grating to be able to support a certain amount of weight. This is called load. Determining load involves time-tested formulas related to material used, mesh pattern, and width and span of the grating. Go to Load Calculator.

One of the most useful Web Tools on our website is our grating Load Calculator. Spend a few minutes getting familiar with our grating Load Calculator and you will be able to determine the appropriate grating for a given load.

Rectangular Aluminum Grating
We manufacture lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum bar grating. This grating is the standard product used in the industry. The bearing bars are on 1-3/16" centers, and the cross bars are on 4" centers. The grating is norma
lly provided with a mill finish. Additionally, the grating can be furnished with bearing bars on 15/16" centers. Cross bars can be furnished on 2" centers.

I-Bar Aluminum Grating
Similar to Rectangular Aluminum Grating, I-Bar Grating uses "I" shaped (when viewed from the end), aluminum bearing bars, instead of rectangular shaped bearing bars. This increases the load bearing capacity of the grating and lowers the weight of the grating. The top, walking surface of I-Bar Grating can be grooved for improved foot traction. I-Bar Grating is often used where the grating will get wet and may subject pedestrians to slipping.

Seidel Huber metal products INC

Web Tools – We have online tools to help you get an estimate right now, to determine load bearing, and to see if we’re already bidding on a project.

For an immediate bid, 24 hours per day, use Grating Estimator web tool. To determine the amount of weight a particular metal, size and length of grating can support use Load Calculator. To learn if we’re already planning to bid a project that you’re bidding on, review our Bid Calendar. If you’re new to metal floor gratings, study our Grating Basics.

Rapid bidding, strict manufacturing standards, responsive service to metal fabricators and general contractors, since 1906, Seidelhuber (say “Sigh dell hew burr”), has supplied metal floor grating to major public and private construction projects throughout the USA.