Thursday, January 13, 2011

Economic ‘panic’ is easing, Bush says

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The US president says that now Americans have begun to feel more positive about their country’s economy.
In Louisiana, the President said in a business meeting with business leaders that people had a more positive approach towards economic panic.
While Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke said that we might need more spending to fight the slowdown.
Mr Bernanke said that American economy was weak for many quarters instead of saying that the US economy was in recession.
‘If a fresh economic stimulus package is given at that time, it would be more appropriate’ he explained in the US House of Representative budget committee.
While a White House spokesman explained that Bush administration was considering a new package and would seek guidance from others in this connection.
The President had an optimistic tone in his address at the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.
“I can see that there is a change in people’s attitude if compared to a period of intense concerns and it was a near panic that was getting more relaxed now.” The President said.
The US economy was badly hit by a series of crises in the credit and financial sectors.
According to some analysts, the US economy will shrink further this year and early next year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broad Head Steel Product Company

The company consists primarily of three divisions. The first division stocks and fabricates carbon steel, stainless steel and fiberglass bar grating.

Carbon steel and stainless steel safety Aluminum grating is also stocked. SEIDELHUBER Metal Products is the second division. It manufactures and fabricates swaged aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel bar grating. Aluminum plank grating is also available. The third division is a California licensed subcontractor that furnishes and installs reinforcing steel in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Brodhead Steel is an independent family-owned metal fabricator and Installer that has been in business since 1947. We specialize in reinforcing steel and all forms of Industrial Flooring Products. Our corporate headquarters are located in South San Francisco, CA.

The reinforcing Steel grating   Division is a licensed California Contractor that primarily works in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Grating sales offices are maintained in South San Francisco and Pacheco, Calif. The grating division sells material throughout the Western United States and Hawaii. We are a stocking distributor for Strong well molded and Pultouded fiberglass gratings. Sales offices are maintained in the San Francisco Bay Area. Central and Southern California, and Arizonia Welded Steel Grizzles, Welded Steel Grizzles in Bay Area

We acquired the manufacturing and fabrication assets of Seidlhuber Metal Products in 2006. This acquisition allows us to manufacture our own swaged aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel bar grating. Aluminum Plank Grating is also manufactured by our SEIDLEHUBER Metal Products Division.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Center for Natural Health Care & Healing

The Center for Natural Health Care & Healing epitomizes the best of integrative health care. The practices of Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Functional Medicine™ are utilized to provide customized solutions for your health needs. We are the one who believe in natural health care.

You will benefit from Carol  Lourie' s extensive training in all of these modalities and her skills as a diagnostician. She has the clinical experience to identify and treat both acute and chronic ailments. Each patient receives a customized protocol to address their specific health conditions. Carol believes that all patients deserve personal care and attention. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with you to explore your current health care needs.

A healthy garden has the same requirements as a healthy body and psyche. Whether it is a garden or a person, the same things are needed: Nutrients, water, air, light and space.

Areas of Specialization

The Center for Natural Health Care and Healing embraces a range of services from primary care general practice, to acute illness, to continuing programs for chronic ailments. Carol Lourie has particular areas of specialization as listed below, but also treats the broad range of conditions that benefit from a holistic approach.

Our Center at 776 Page Street

A healthy garden has the same requirements as a healthy body and psyche. Whether it is a garden or a person, the same things are needed: Nutrients, water, air, light and space.
When I first contemplated the Center it was surrounded by asphalt and I knew that wasn't the healing environment I had envisioned for my practice. I immediately began the process of replacing the asphalt with a beautiful, healing garden.

Careful attention to the garden in the Spring determines the health of the plants for the summer months. To ensure healthy plants, a huge truckload of organic soil is brought in and spread throughout the garden. Next, we fertilized the plants with nutrients and special microbes to ensure the health of the soil. Just as soil is the backbone of a healthy garden, so is nutrition for us.

Solar Standard & Smart Combiners

Yet despite the lack of green-demand "back in the day," DST was even then regularly involved in assisting its customers in cutting energy costs and protecting the environment. On the "facilities side," such projects included monitoring lighting systems, monitoring load-shedding, resource-efficient effluent neutralization; and early forms of HVAC optimization. On the process side, one of our earliest energy-focused projects involved using PLCs (a new product at the time!) in a chocolate manufacturing plant. This, to operate tank agitators only when the thickening chocolate threatened to solidify—instead of running full time as before, using 3X the energy actually needed.
Since DST’s founding in 1975 as a controls systems integration company, Energy Conservation and CleanTech have gone from fringe-interest to mainstream-urgency. Gas guzzling two-ton muscle cars of the 1960’s and ‘70’s have given way to composite-bodied hybrids, tipping in at barely more than a half ton; children now regularly chide their parents for leaving the lights on in empty rooms; and more and more "normal" people are now even unplugging their appliances at night to eliminate LED status indicator "vampire drain."
Fast forward to 2010 and DST’s "energy offers" now also include...
  • UL and CE-compliant "standard" & "smart" combiner box, and re-combiner box, design and/or manufacturing for the solar industry
  • Plant infrastructure, process, and equipment monitoring for energy management systems (EMS) and conditions-based-maintenance (CBM)
  • Control and Monitoring product design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Solar Monitoring & Metering


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The “Cost Effective” Name in Airflow Control

Factory service personnel are available for system start-up, commissioning, operator training, and emergency service. These services are designed to meet our customer’s needs in a prompt and effective manner.
PCI has designed and manufactured airflow and pressure measurement systems to meet the needs of all commercial and most industrial applications since 1984. PCI airflow and pressure measurement systems are installed worldwide as part of systems requiring continuous signals for HVAC or industrial automatic control, alarming, and process indication. The accuracy of PCI' s airflow and pressure measurement systems has been independently qualified in accordance with Figure 7 in the testing procedure of American National Standards Institute/Air Movement and Control Association (ANSI/AMCA) Standard 210-85. However, it is more important to note that the stated accuracy of all PCI devices is constantly being field-validated by independent test and balance firms; their balance reports document conformance to specifications and confirm the superior operating performance of PCI commissioned systems. The airflow and pressure measurement systems are comprised of primary sensing elements and a transducer or indicating meter. The primary sensing elements provide output signals readily convertible to air velocity, air volume, and differential pressures by the transducer or indicating meter. PCI 's differential pressure transducers (DPT Series) and flow transducers (FT Series) are "stand-alone" components which can be mounted into a control panel enclosure for an entire system or major subsystem. The DPT Series transducers measure and convert pneumatic input differential pressure signals to an electronic analog output signal linear to differential pressure. The FT Series transducers are similar to the DPT Series except that both total and static pressure inputs are required. The measured difference between the total and static pressure is the velocity pressure. By performing square root extraction and scaling to the velocity pressure signal, the resulting output signal is linear to velocity (fpm) or volume (cfm). The output is an electronic analog signal that can be used by a controller, indicator or data logger. Unique features include:

Factory service personnel are available for system start-up, commissioning, operator training, and emergency service. These services are designed to meet our customer’s needs in a prompt and effective manner.
Paragon Controls Incorporated (PCI) welcomes the opportunity to provide support in the selection, application, and integration of our product line to meet specified performance objectives. Competitive pricing, ease of installation, and simplified maintenance requirements makes.  PCIs   product line an obvious choice for both new construction and retrofit projects