Friday, June 10, 2011

We Love Mattress Topper

mattresstopper.jpgThe main reason to use a mattress topper on an bed is to add comfort. Good mattress toppers add support to a mattress for those with joint pain. There are mattress toppers made with memory foam that may be good for those who have sleeping partners. A pillow top mattress can help prolong the life of a mattress in fair condition.
Some consumers worry that they will have to purchase all new sheets. Pillow tops that go under the sheets are available in a variety of thickness. For some, depending on the desired thickness new sheets may be in order.
The most commonly purchased mattress topper is memory foam. It is said to help those with arthritis and other pains. Latex foam gives the same support but is made of hypoallergenic rubber. Feather mattress toppers ass a softer surface instead of support, which is good for those who like to feel cozy. Wool mattress toppers can be purchased at different temperatures and softness.
A down mattress topper is a small step up from an egg crate. An egg crate is just a layer of padding that goes under the sheets and adds cushioning. These toppers can be purchased in all different sizes and fit almost any bed. A down mattress topper adds warmth and softness to the bed, which is great for couples who like to snuggle.
Most mattress toppers are now made with memory elastic foam, which most people feel is much more comfortable. Thickness counts when choosing mattress toppers. Price also matters, there are many comfortable toppers that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Although most mattress toppers are either goose down or memory foam, many other types exist. Some have wool covers, providing the sleeper with a lot of warmth.


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  2. When you’re on a budget, you really can’t beat a foam topper. They give you the comfort you need, extend the life of your bed, and save you money. Can’t beat them!