Friday, June 17, 2011

Ligth Up Your Ride

We believe bikes are powerful and so are the people who ride them! 

Big thank you from all of us here at Sopo Bikes for your support of Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts fundraiser!  The gloworms and shirts were a hit and our event was very successful at raising funds for our shop as well as bringing the cycling community of Atlanta together through a lot of fun social activities all weekend for bike blinker 
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"This appears to be the next generation in glow-wire technology. I'm very pleased with it overall, and the construction of the controller unit and the wiring seems built to last (and it's actually waterproof! Kind of important when you bike in the Pacific Northwesthad it about a great and by all appearances I'll be using it for quite some time. Also, the manufacturer even included a hand-written thank-you, which is a nice touch.

Days are getting shorter and with the loss of Daylight Saving Time bike riders will be riding home from work in the dark. This makes riding around much more dangerous and to encourage everyone to ride a little brighter and safer we are having a Light Up Your Ride 

Show us how you make your bike or yourself much more visible at night to the cars passing you and win a pair of the brand spankin' new Bike to Work Pants from Cordarounds 
! These pants aren't just stylish for work, they also keep you safe while riding your bike. Flip up the pant cuffs and pull out the pockets to instantly become more visible.

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