Friday, November 18, 2011

How to add google analytics to your blogger/ blogspot blog?

Adding the google analytics code to your blogger template code is very easy, just follow these steps carefully:
1. You need a google account, if you don’t have one, create your free Google Account here.
2. Sign into your google account and go to Google Analytics and click on “Add Website Profile” at the bottom of the page, make sure that “Add a Profile for a new domain “ is ticked and enter the url of the blog/ site you want to analyse and hit finish. You are now presented on the next page with a piece of code. That is your google urchin tracking code. Ok, leave this window open and open a second window in your browser.
3. Go to the dashboard of your blog and look for Layout>Edit HTML. Don’t skip this back-up step!!!! Back up your blog by “Download Full Template” and save it to your hard disc. Important! Don’t skip this back-up step!!!!
4. Go back to your google account and copy your analytics code and paste it into the template, just before the last “</body>” at the end of the page (scroll down). Save your template. Go to your google account and click “Finish” Done! If you have followed all steps than you should see now your new web site profile in your google analytics account.
5. It takes some time, up to 24h, until the first data appears. Please be patient ;-)
6. In case something went wrong and/ or you want to restore your original files without the google analytic code, just upload your back-up file from your hard disc and click “save template” again. That will revert your blogspot/ blogger template to the state before you added the code.

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