Friday, November 18, 2011

Easiest Way to Make Adsense Earning-Increased

As far as we know, adsense earning depends on some major factors which can be traffic, CTR and ECPM. While the website is on high paying niche, you are paid well enough for each click while if you follow low paying niche, you are really disappointed with your ECPM and earning per click.

So if you target a blog just to make adsense revenue, you would never ever choose a low paying niche keywords for your blogs but let me make you clear that it is very much difficult to bring traffic to your blog with  higher paying niche as the keywords used are really very competitive.

In short: High Paying Keywords pays well but it is difficult to get traffic with those keywords while low paying niche have less competition and it is comparatively easy to get traffic in those keywords.
Now combining these ideas I have planned and experimented a new way to make some $$ from low paying niche and I was 99% satisfied with the results..  So I have decided to share this idea in my blog.
Increasing Google Adsense Earning in Low paying Niche sites

I had a blog that I made 3 years ago and this blog was about Nepali Songs, Lyrics and Chords. Eventually I used to get paid very low(0.03$ per click) and I had 500+ adsense impressions on that blog.

What I did was, I wrote 8 to 9 posts on high paying topics that everyone would be interested on. Such as weight decreasing tips, height increasing tricks, free domain names, free hosting, some computer tricks, etc, etc then on my most popular blog posts and on my homepage, I featured these posts and suggested them. Since anyone who visited my blog might find these things interesting and useful to them, they would visit the post, read them and if interested they might click the ads and for each click in these posts, I was paid high.

I increased my earning by four times(approx) with this tricks. This was really a working trick and you can try this as well if you lie in less paying niche.

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