Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Economic Implications

Return to pre-morbid levels of respiratory function is a major determinant in the discharge of patients. Recovering open heart patients are frequently non-compliant during their respiratory therapy exercises because of pain or fear of pain. Recent federal studies have shown that inadequately managed pain can inhibit recovery, prolong hospitalization and contribute to higher-than-necessary costs. The Wound Support and Pain Management provided by Heart Hugger™ helps keep patients on the clinical pathway.

The post discharge necessity of respiratory therapy exercises cannot be overemphasized. The use of Heart Hugger™ gives patients the confidence and independence to continue these exercises in the unsupervised post discharge setting.

In addition to a high mortality rate, wound complications can be financially devastating to the hospital, particularly the Medicare and co-morbid population. The cost to hospitals for complications and the resulting increased length of stay ranges from $13,453 to $109,118 per complication. (To see how much money your hospital’s heart program can save by using Heart Hugger

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