Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Use - Sizing and Fitting Instructions

Simple, lightweight and comfortable, Heart Hugger™ provides wound support when needed, making recovery faster and safer.
For Men: Measure at the nipple lineGT 500–SmallGT 1000-RegularGT 1500-LargeGT 2000-X-large
For Women: Measure above the breasts22”-38”36”-55”45”-72”50”-90”
55-96 cm91-138 cm114-181 cm127-228 cm

The easiest way to fit Heart Hugger is during pre-operative orientation.  This allows the patient and the caregiver the opportunity to watch the instructional video and practice Heart Hugger™

After surgery: Do not attempt to fit or put on Heart Hugger™ by yourself! Get help!
Heart Hugger™ is generally fitted to the patient right after extubation in the ICU by the caregiver.   After detaching the shoulder strap from the handle on one side of the Heart Hugger™ slide the handle under the patient’s arm.  Bring the shoulder strap over the shoulder and reattach to the handle.  Do this on both sides of the patient, having them lean forward to do so, making sure the chest strap material lies flat against the patient’s back.

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