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Better Results Of Internet Marketing Campaigns

Knowing Search Engine Bots For Better Results Of Internet Marketing CampaignsPosted by admin on Thursday, October 20th 2011   Digg it Bookmark it Stumble it Email to friend 20

Contributions Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can surely be regarded as one of the strongest forces pushing the evolution of internet to ever new horizons. In fact, web gurus regard internet marketing services so much, because it is serving as a domain that not only contributes for its own growth and development, but for the evolution of internet as a whole.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click campaign) have been the most influential tools at the hands of web marketing. Though different in rules and regulations, both of these disciplines serve for effective online promotion.

SEO and PPC can play together to be the best of allies for online promotion of your site, so can they create havoc for you, if handled unwisely. In this regard, your PPC advertising department can help your SEO department by making sure their paid search campaign essential testing is done in a manner that it does not affect your site’s organic rankings.

Search Engine Bots

Such a confusing situation can arise because of improper handling of “search engine bots”, mostly by PPC department while testing their landing pages for better results of paid searches. “Search engine bot” basically refers to a computer program that search engines use to crawl and index web pages all through the virtual world.

This crawling is no random crawling; it follows strict rules and regulations communicated to it through an instruction manual in form of a file known as “robots.txt”. Through the instructions confined in this file a search engine bot comes to know what to crawl and what not to crawl on a particular site.

Your search rankings can be affected quite severely due to an improperly configured robots.txt file. It can cause:

Lower the results of your organic rankings
Prevent your ads from being approved
Deplete your site’s quality scores
Ignite a variety of other problems
To stay safe from such issues, it is better to know the behavior and approach of some of the most common search engine bots, not only helpful for SEO specialist, but also equally help for PPC consultants.

Google AdWords Robot

Google relies on a bot referred as “adsbot-Google” for crawling through URLs with the intent of quality scoring purposes. Google’s bot follows a distinct set of rules for crawling through web pages as compared to other search engine bots, and interprets robots.txt file in a different manner. Almost all other bots observe a global disallow, meaning that they do not go through every page for crawling. Google’s bot, on the other hand, does not heed to global disallow and goes through every single page of a website. However, if your robots.txt file specifically calls upon a bot, then adsbot-Google will strictly follow your instructions whether to crawl or not crawl a specific page.

The Microsoft AdCenter Robot

Microsoft also resorts to a special type of bot for approval purposes, referred as “adidxbot” or “MSNPTC/1.0”. It follows the standard bot conventions and fails to crawl through a page when sees a global disallow on it, thus generating various ads approval issues.

Webmaster Center

The bot Bing relies on is referred as “Webmaster Center”, but it lacks any effective mechanism to check whether your site specifically blocks their ads bot.

Testing Landing Pages

From PPC’s perspective, testing of a landing page is very critical for success of a PPC campaign. PPC experts often end up creating different versions of the same page hosting different page layouts, headlines, buttons, etc, while most of the content remains same on all the pages.

If PPC experts are not acquainted with effective usage of blocking or allowing search engine bots to crawl through specific pages, they might end up damaging organic search rankings of the site for issues like duplication of content and so forth.


The crux of the story is that both PPC consultant as well as SEO expert needs to have sufficient knowledge of handling search engine bots, allowing them to be crawled for approval of ads, while blocking them from being crawled for ranking purposes, as and when needed for any particular internet marketing campaign. This is how PPC and SEO can support each other for improved overall benefits of internet marketing.

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