Friday, October 28, 2011

What is PPC Advertising?

Watch this intro. to Google AdWords Video & see text below

Google Example Pay Per Click

The screenshot above shows the page returned for a typical search using the Google Search Engine. The the search term is "Widgets" in this case (also known as the keyword or keyword phrase).
The listings shown by the Google are a mixture of so called Natural or Organic results and sponsored listings. The Pay Per Click Adverts are shown on the R.H.S. and sometimes also above the Natural listings.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

The reason the adverts appeared above when the search term "Widgets" was entered, by the searcher, was because they were programmed to do so by Google and the sponsor (the advertiser) . To help explain this, think of the actual advert as the part of an iceberg that you see above the water. We all know that there is more below the water! In this case think of there being a keyword container below the water. For this example this container certainly contains at least the one word "Widgets". It may however have many more keyword variations such as "Blue Widgets", "Cheap Widgets" etc.

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