Monday, April 16, 2012

Quality Laser & Welding Cutting

Laser welding is the only technique for some products, and it is cost and quality competitive with TIG and MIG for many others.
Laser welding with inert gas produces excellent quality contamination-free welds in a variety of Materials with much less heat distortion than any other technique. Laser welding is ideally suited for hermetically sealed, vacuum, chemical, and aerospace parts. It is also excellent for medical Parts.
Which no contamination or dissimilar materials are allowed. We have special expertise in welding Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, income, national, hostelry, cover, copper, alloy 20 and a variety of other metals including unusual and high hardness alloys. We can helium leak test your hermetic parts and we can cut and section weld samples for your critical parts.
Laser Cutting provides precise cutting of many thin, hard, brittle, and soft materials with a beam Width as narrow as 0.002″. Because CNC laser cutting makes parts with no tool force, many parts can be fabricated without expensive tooling and fixtures. Small features, sharp corners, and closely Spaced features are all handled more easily by laser cutting than by conventional milling or Punching. This is especially true in soft and/or thin materials.

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