Monday, April 16, 2012

How to use Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Online marketing success is not just limited to the Fortune 500. There are plenty of online marketing strategies for small business too.
  • Unlike large businesses that have a lot of advertising money to play around with, small businesses need to be have strong online marketing strategies in place and review ROI often to ensure that every penny is well spent.
  • Instructions

      • ** Build a website **
        The first thing any small business needs to do is build a website. The website will be the backbone to your internet marketing strategies.
      • 2
        ** Optimize your website for search engines **
        Learn all you can about search engine optimization. Create content that will get you high rankings on the search engines. This is a process that takes time and patience, but the results are well worth it.Email marketing to fit your needs. Start a Free 30-Day Trial Today.
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        ** Build a mailing list **
        Once you have a website, it is important to build up an email mailing list. Most probably, visitors will not buy your products or services on a first time visit to your website. You will need multiple exposures. The cheapest way to do this is through email marketing. Add a form to your website to allow visitors to register to be on your mailing list.
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        ** Run pay per click advertising campaigns *
        Pay per click advertising is one of the best online marketing strategies for small businesses because you only pay for actual visitors to your site. Make sure to track your campaigns often to make sure they are optimized for best results.
      • 5
        ** Run special offers online **
        Another important marketing strategy for small businesses trying to make it online is to give special offers and prices. Limited time offers are a great way to get people to make buying decisions quickly.
      • 6
        ** Set yourself apart from the competition **
        Small businesses who want to succeed will need to think of a niche of unique selling point that sets them aside from other businesses online. There is fierce competition and if all things are equal, people will turn to the big guys. Find something unique and stand out.
      • 7
        ** Use web 2.0 **
        Web 2.0 is a great strategy for small businesses to gain exposure on the internet. Start a blog, join social networks, post videos, and become a valued member of your niche online.
      • 8
        ** Review and test often **
        Most importantly, constantly test out new campaigns and review their effectiveness. If something works, go for it! If you see you are losing money, make necessary changes.

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