Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Market Your Small Business Website

  • So many new business owners think that all they have to do is build a great website and people will come. It would be great if this were so, but it’s not. There is a second step that is essential. You must market your small business website. Generating traffic and finding your way to the top of search engine traffic is the second step in creating a profitable small business website. Here’s how you can take the first steps to small business website that is profitable.


    • 1 If you haven’t already named your website, one of the most helpful things you can do to insure that your website is found by the search engines is to create a name that is as close as possible to how your customers will perform a search. This does not mean you have to change the name of your business, just the name of your website. For example, suppose you have a hair salon in Denver, Colorado. The name of your business is “Shear Bliss.” Shear Bliss will not get picked up by the search engines, but would. This principle is true regardless of whether your business is local or world wide. You would benefit from researching your name choice to see how it will fare in search engines. The Google keyword search tool can help you with this..
    • 2 Next, you must develop keyword-friendly content for your website. Find out what your best keywords are using the keyword tool suggested. Marketing your small business website requires that you use these keywords throughout the website. The best way to use that naturally and without being obvious about it is to hire a professional writer who understands keyword content to write the copy for your website. The proper density of keywords is as important as the keywords. It is just as possible to have too many keywords as too few. Some of the keywords in the example given above are: salon, salons, hair salon, hair, beauty salon, nail salon and hair care. If your salon offers a variety of services, list them all on the front page and then add a page for each item where you can create keyword dense articles on each service to draw the search engines to those as well.
    • 3 It is helpful to add links to your website and links on other websites to your website. A very good way to do this is by writing articles about anything relevant to your business. Add them to your website. Hire a professional writer if you are not comfortable doing this; the writer should write articles that are keyword dense, but not advertisements. An article for your hair salon website would be something like “Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy.” Use the keywords hair and hair care. Post the article on the appropriate page or on an article website and link back to your website.
    • 4 Promote your site. Open up a Twitter account and start to connect with people who would be interested in what your business has to offer. Post links to your articles in your tweets and encourage people to visit. This will help draw the search engines attention to the site, as well.

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