Monday, April 16, 2012

Laser Cutting Most Organics

We specialize in small precision parts, large thin foils, medical parts, complex shapes, and tube cutting of all kinds. Our tube cutting includes chemical and semiconductor process tubing, hypodermic tubes, and others such as bicycle tubing.
Our lasers can cut:
All Ferrous metals including:
Stainless Steel
Inconnel and other high temp alloys
Standard Steel sheet, tube, and shapes
Tool and Alloy Steel
Most Organics including:
Most Plastics and Rubbers
Wood and Paper
Aluminum, Brass & thin Copper sheet
Specialty metals like Titanium, Tungsten, and Nitinol
Some ceramics like Quartz, Glass, and Alumina
We design and fabricate our tooling in-house. We can provide in-house CNC milling, lathe work, TIG welding and ultrasoniccleaning for projects that require these operations.We can also provide tumble-deburring, electropolishing, wire EDM, anodizing, various types of metallic plating, and other finishing through our local partner shops.

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