Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Potential clients often call to mention they are interested in pursuing search engine marketing. I ask them what they mean by search engine marketing and they often are not sure.
What is search engine marketing? It is a global term that refers to all the different ways you can market a site on the zillion or so search engines out there. In truth, it is a catch all term for most people who know they should probably have a website, but not much more than that. It is like walking up to a real estate agent and saying you need a house. 
If you have a business, you need a site. If you have site, you must need search engine marketing. Logically, this makes sense. In the practical world of internet marketing, however, search engine marketing is a very broad term. It encompasses a wide variety of things.
When most people use the phrase, they are really saying something else to a marketing company like ours. What they are saying is I need exposure for my site. I need to get people from the search engines to my site. Most important, I need them to buy. If this is your general thought process, you are thinking along the correct line of thought. There is, however, a problem. 
Search engine marketing has a number of distinct areas. You can read about them here: “The Key Elements of Search Engine Marketing”. The problem, of course, is most sites should only use a certain type of search engine marketing. The role of a good search engine marketing firm such as ours is to identify those areas, explain why they should be used and successfully carry out a campaign for your site.
In general, search engine marketing is just a catch-all phrase that really means very little. If you are considering marketing for your site, make sure to get a more detailed understanding of what you are getting into and why you should do so

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