Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For Women - Fitting Heart Hugger

Adjust the handles above the breasts, keeping handles as parallel as possible, one hand width apart.
Keep chest strap at a slight upward angle from back to front. Retention strap will give side support to breasts.
If handles are found to be too low, have patient lean forward from the back of bed and pull down on the back of chest strap while lifting handles upward until strap is flat against the back and handles are above the breasts.

If patient complains of chest strap binding under armpits, loosen the shoulder straps and lower chest strap further down the back keeping handles above the breasts.

Fitting Women
For women, the handles rest above the breasts not around them.
The handles might be a bit flared out at the bottom.
This should be OK so long as you can get to them with your fingertips so you
can squeeze the handles together and tighten the chest strap.

The retention strap can also offer women’s breasts additional support and comfort with a snug fit.

What can help some women is having them bring their most comfortable front hook bra from home
 or a tight tee shirt.They wear the bra under the gown then Heart Hugger over that.

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