Friday, December 16, 2011

Inbound link building basics

As you know by now, an effective search engine optmization campaign involves
concentrating on both on page and off page factors.
On page seo is explained in another post. Here we will examine the area of off
page optimization, which basically refers to the process of inbound link building.
Inbound link building is described as off page seo due to the fact that the links in
question will be coming from off site content – that is, content on someone else’s
Link building is by far the most important part of an seo campaign – some people
say that inbound links to a website will account for up to 90% of its ranking
This is so because when a website links back to your website, the search engines
view this as an endorsement of your site. The more endorsements your site has,
especially from high authority websites, the higher it will rank.
Logical, isn’t it?
One of the most important things, though, is the value of the websites that link
to you.
Some links are more valuable than others – remember, high authority, aged sites
are best.
Having a number of high value links to your site is similar to having a group of
highly influential business contacts recommending you to their inner circle.
As well as this, the anchor text of the link has to be considered. The anchor text
is the clickable text of the link, and ideally it should contain a phrase relevant to
your website’s theme.
To outrank its competitors, a website needs a variety of links, from a variety of
sources, including some, as we have already seen, from high value websites.
There is no doubt that the process of site promotion through inbound link
development is extremely difficult compared to on page seo.
It is labour-intensive, tedious, and results can take several months.
But, the end results are well worth it!
As a business owner, it is certainly possible to attempt on page optimization
yourself, but it is a very bad idea to try to handle your own inbound link building.
It is a job that should only be undertaken by a skilled seo expert.
Here at seo, link building is one of our areas of expertise.
We can take all the hassle out of website promotion for you – you can have a
robust, aggressive inbound link building strategy designed and executed for you,
at an excellent price point.
We’ve developed this mathematical formula:
High value links +
No site-killing mistakes =
A high ranking website.

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