Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uses of Handtrucks & Carts

A hand truck is a very useful instrument for moving or shifting things over short distances, it will also be helpful in carrying over unstable levels, and some special models are designed for this purpose.

A hand truck is a practical and dependable control. Moving or shifting things can be very monotonous and straining specially when exist level differences. A hand truck is a very useful instrument for moving or shifting things over short distances, it will also be helpful in carrying over unstable levels. 

Some special models are designed for this specific purpose. Although there are many models available in handtrucks & carts, one of the most popular types is stair climbing version. It is called as stair climber; it has rotating wheels fitted to it in the place of normal wheels. This rotating wheel makes it possible to push or pull the hand truck over stairs. 

Tri-Star is also an example of the rotating wheels or tracks with three wheel configuration three wheels are arranged in a triangle configuration which is used in the place of standard wheels. So it is very convenient to use over stairs, Also there are another versions for climbing stairs available in collection of the triangular wheel configuration.

These are used for various types of tasks like shipping equipment, elating heavy items, stocking, arranging, among others. It is very dangerous of elating heavy things manually and how it can devastate our backs. For these reasons as well hand trucks carts is a very wise buy. Different kinds of handtrucks & carts available, each kind of handtrucks & carts has their own features.
Hand Trucks & Carts
 If we have much knowledge of these kinds of handtrucks & carts and their objectives they are capable so we can select the best one from them according to our need. 

Tri-Star Climber
 The Best Handtrucks & Carts Selection / Kinds of Handtrucks & Carts:
  • The standard hand trucks can carry maximum weight of about 600 pounds
  • The heavy duty hand trucks can carry weight more than standard.
  • The 2 in 1 Convertible handtrucks & carts
o    Brag of a bigger freight capability than that of the average 2 wheel hand truck.
o    Easy to operate
o    Easy to plot loads even as on 4 wheel force.
To tow 900 pound load or more 4 wheel hand trucks are specially designed for.
·         Drum trucks: To move the circularly shaped things like cylinders, drums, and barrels it is specifically made for.
 There are more than a few kinds of specialty handtrucks & carts available for a variety of tasks.
Material Used:

Three kinds of materials used in the manufacturing of handtrucks & carts:
·         Steel, that’s why it is very capable of carrying really heavy loads.
·         Aluminum Made
o    Less heavy in weight than steel
o    Economic in comparison
o    Less capacity to carry weight than steel
·         Magnesium Made
o    Light weight than aluminum
o    Most important feature much easier manipulation and is often used for elating things out of delivery trucks or vans.
·         Appliance Handtrucks & Carts
o    Excellent dolly
o    Stone boxes
o    Having excellent both appliance mover features & hand truck features
·         Heavy Duty Caster Wheels
o    Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Northern California designed and built for the toughest applications
o    Long life

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