Friday, April 29, 2011

Office Furnitures & design

We can refurbish virtually any manufacturer's panels in our San Jose warehouse. With new fabric and paint from our in-house paint booth, it may be more economical to refurbish your existing panels rather than buying used or refurbished product. Call us for a quote today. Not only do we work on Ha worth  modular furniture, but our installers are trained to work on virtually all modular systems in the marketplace today.If you're planning on moving your modular furniture from one location to another, it pays to ask your moving company if they have experience tearing down and re-installing modular furniture.
Experience is required to get the job done right, and many of our clients are surprised to learn that most moving companies are not experienced enough in this area to ensure damage doesn't occur. The slightly lower hourly rate most moving companies charge is typically not enough to offset the cost of damaged product! Call us for a quote today.
Have a temporary need for furniture and only want to rent for a few months. Are cash flow tight right now and you want to consider leasing? We can handle either scenario. We have partner relationships with several top-notch leasing companies. We can provide you with a quote for rental, leasing or outright purchase, and you can decide which is better for your particular situation.
We focus on one manufacturer of modular furniture only, Ha-worth and consistently carry well over $10 million of inventory at any given time. This ensures you a wide selection for your initial purchase, as well as a ready supply of add-on components any time you need them. Ha worth is one of 3 major manufacturers in the modular furniture marketplace, and the sound absorption ratings for Ha worth panels are superior to anything else on the market. We'll give you the data to see for yourself.

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