Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative solution in Bay area San francisco

Creative Solutions has made a name for itself over the past thirty-eight years by becoming specialists in high quality, contemporary, reconditioned Haworth™ systems furniture at a fraction of the cost of new. We typically carry well over $10 million in inventory of quality, used systems furniture. Because of this our delivery time from the beginning of a project to final installation can be as short as one week
"Matt did an outstanding job throughout the process! He was always reachable and came up with some "creative solutions" of his own!"

Cathy Cooper-Smythe is very responsive to our needs. Requests that involve space modifications are usually returned within a day with a faxed layout. Cathy..."
With real estate costs continually rising, getting the most from the space you have has become especially critical. We utilize the latest CADD technology to graphically display your options to you, making decisions on layout much, much easier. However, the real magic in space planning comes from the training and experience of the designer. We see hundreds of office layouts every year, and can almost always come up with efficient and effective ways to better use your existing space. We bill our space planning services at $95 per hour; however, for new clients, we do offer a free consultation and basic space planning services at no cost.

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